Weight Loss

I was 22 st (308 lbs or 140 kg). I am now 15 st 10 lbs (113 lbs or 97 kg): John Hartland Psychotherapist. Here is a picture of me around 22 st and here is a picture of me now. How did I do it?  Well I have been trying to lose weight for over forty year without success because I tried to “cut down on fat and calories” which a longitudinal study found that this had over a 99% failure rate.  When I was diagnosed as as pre-diabetic I just gave up trying to lose weight – what was the point as I just couldn’t do it. Then I got diagnosed as diabetic and just accepted may fate. After a visit to brother (a paramedic) told me I should try and do something about it planted a seed and I did some idle research and tried something that was to change everything … (Ps: I am no longer diabetic)137881