Counselling Session


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“Choose an option” above, for example £20 then click “Add to Basket” (you can if you want add “2” “Add to basket” to make £40). If you need to you can choose an option again (even though it no longer says “Choose an option” but shows your last input, e.g. “£20”), for example you choose £0.50 the second time (and “Add to basket”). It won’t show you the total on this page but just click “View basket” (top of page) to view your basket. Here you can:

Go back to the previous page using your browser button and add more, or stay on the “Basket” page and (from left to right):

“x” Cancel a “Counselling session – £20”

Adjust the “Quantity”

“Update basket” (only shows if you have made changes)

“Proceed to checkout”


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