Childhood Trauma

My Inner Child

Who is my inner child?  This is my true, real authentic self.  It is who I am when I am genuine, authentic, spiritual, truthful, and fully alive.  My real self is spontaneous, expansive, loving, giving, kind, respectful, and communicative.   My true self accepts myself and others as they are.  My true self accepts my feelings without judgement or fear, and allows them to exist as a valid way of assessing and appreciating life’s events.  My real inner child is expressive, assertive, creative, and fun-loving.  In being my real true self I am free to grow, mature, and be healthy.  It is only when I become my true self that we enter into a healthy relationship with another.

My false self is other orientated, often conforming to what others think or expect.  It gives love only conditionally.  It covers-up, hides, or denies feelings.