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Nearly everything below on Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Shame and Guilt is taken from this book.


It is a self-help book so is very readable and will add depth to much of the worksheets I have added below which are only the highlights of the book that I give out to clients. For less than £20.00 this book will give you skills that will last a life time. I highly recommend it

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Social Anxiety



Thought Records: Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Guilt and Shame

Thought Records can help in the healing of depression, anxiety, anger management, shame, guilt, personality disorders and much more. As well as helping develop more balanced thinking, they can reveal the underlying assumptions that underpin our automatic thoughts, moods and behaviours and the core beliefs that underpin our underlying assumptions and ultimately our every day automatic thoughts and behaviours.  See this Overview for a more pictorial explanation

Action Plans and/or Acceptance

Underlying Assumptions and Behavioural Experiments

Core Belief Work

Hardwiring Happiness


Healing Your Inner Child

Much of what follows is taken and adapted from this book:

Home Coming: Reclaiming and Championing You Inner Child

You will also find a good introduction to what Inner Child Therapy is about in this article on Harley Therapy:

Inner Child Work – What Is It and Can You Benefit?

Although “Hardwiring Happiness”  is not specifically an Inner Child text it talks about the Neuroscience of the brain (trust me it is very readable) and I believe gives a scientific explanation for why some the the Inner Child Work, especially some of the Inner Child Imagery work, can have a powerful effect.  This is because “neurons that fire together, wire together”.  It uses HEALHave a positive experience. Enrich it. Absorb it. Link positive with negative. Here is an extract from the book: 

Hardwiring Happiness: How to reshape your brain and your life

Here is an exercise in HEAL . Print it off and have a go.


Infancy, up to age 1

Toddler Years, Ages 1 - 3

Preschool Onward, Ages 3 - 6

Primary School Years, Ages 6 - 11

Secondary School Years, Ages 11 - 16

Adult Beginnings, Ages 16 - 20

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